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It will further indicate what kind of storage can be installed; both the size of the drive (2.5-inch, mSATA, or m.2) and the type of interface . Once you’ve completed installing the OS, make sure that you have an Internet connection. Now, all that remains is updating the graphics card drivers.

how to build a gaming pc

be a bottleneck for gaming, but as long as you hit a certain performance minimum, which many modern CPUs do, it’s other components that are more likely to hold you back. Recent processors are more efficient than ever, with a much more capable baseline than the average CPUs of the past. For this build, we went with an eighth-generation ("Coffee Lake") Intel Core i ($191.95 at Amazon) CPU for $179, which is more than powerful enough for mainstream gaming. As mentioned above, the GPU is the most important place to start with a gaming PC build. The first big choice you’ll have to make is between Nvidia and AMD, each of which produces high-end graphics cards. This should be plenty to give you more than 60 FPS in many recent games, even at high settings.

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They also have a dedicated graphics card that displays games as they’re meant to be seen and played. Eight gigabytes is perfectly adequate for gaming, though—like a Core i7 processor as opposed to a Core i5—some builders will insist on 16GB. There are benefits to adding more RAM; it certainly won’t hurt and can speed both general and in-game load times. So if you find a good deal and have room in the budget, throw in an extra 8GB. Since we devoted extra funds to the graphics card in this build, 8GB it is.

Multiple slots may be needed if you plan on running more than one graphics card. This would be indicated by an SLI or CrossFireX mentioning in the motherboard’s description. Casual gamers might find that entry-level desktops and laptops are sufficient for their gaming needs. However, high-end PC models and gaming-specific computers are equipped to handle the faster processing speeds that most games require.

Step 7: Install The Fans

Cases are one of the most customizable parts of a PC, so you can get cases in just about every shape and size you can imagine. Though every case is different, they are all designed for roughly the same components, meaning they share similarities across brands and layouts. There’s always going to be a place to install the motherboard and power supply, for example, though the configurations of where everything is located may vary. GPUs will often list the minimum power supply needed to run the graphics card, and this is often more than you’ll need. The slots available are for different components, and for a graphics card, you’ll need a PCI-E slot.

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These cases are usually roomy enough for a gaming setup with a couple of graphics cards, several hard drives, and a modest cooling system. Now that the power supply is installed, you can start connecting any SATA hard drives or SSDs.

Next, add your SSD drive into one of the front facing racks in the case and attach the SATA cable. Now install your graphics card into a primary PCIe slot and screw the bracket to chassis. Keeping your CPU cool is critical to your system running properly, and though many CPUs come with a cooler, often times you’ll want something a little more powerful. These options can range from simple fans and heatsinks to elaborate liquid cooling solutions. For your first build, you’ll probably want either a fan based solution, or an All In One liquid CPU cooler if you’re planning on overclocking your CPU. This is where all of your precious parts are going to live, and what most people think of when they imagine a PC.


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