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Streamlabs has a menu that allows you to configure your PayPal information securely. Once you have that setup, you need to add a link to it in one of your Twitch panels. Viewers can then click on the link and send money to you directly via Paypal.

Get Started With The Twitch Api

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  • Facebook Gaming currently only supports Android devices, along with being a part of Facebook’s desktop site.
  • Here is a list of our partners and here’s how we make money.
  • Facebook recruited him from Twitch, where Havlock said he was able to reach 160,000 followers in four years of streaming.
  • With affiliate marketing, you will basically promote a product or service and give your audience to coupons for cheaper purchases.
  • He’s continued to stream Overwatch since, and has been as toxic as he likes.

There’s a couple of rules I’ve learnt over my time on the platform, as well as observing and watching other creators and seeing what they do. If you are not posting regular to semi-regular content on YouTube, you’re not doing yourself a favour. Discoverability is the fundamental delivery system for content. It’s behind the YouTube algorithm, and why you’re 12 videos down the rabbit hole of watching someone make a coffee mug out of pencils (we’ve all been there).


100 Bits costs $1.40, 5,000 Bits costs $64.40, and 25,000 Bits costs $308. Streamers typically earn a penny for every bit you use in the chat. So, for every 1,000 Bits subscribers submit into the chat, the broadcaster earns $10. The higher the Bit value, the more visually pleasing the Bit gem emote.


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