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jonlacksanh-deactivated20140426 asked: could it be ever okay to deliver someone a 2nd message whenever they do not react to the very first? I have constantly seen no reaction as a polite no, however the more relationship blogs We read, the greater We see individuals whining about extremely persistent dudes, which means that a great deal of dudes are performing this, which makes me wonder, performs this ever really work? Have actually you ever responded to a 2nd message? Will there be a good hypothetical situation where, months in the future, a snubbed suitor could redeem himself on their second try?

Many thanks for your question. I believe many people wonder about any of it thus I made a decision to get a male viewpoint too therefore we could possibly get just a little he said/she said thang going.

DFS contributor Matthew P. has some ideas nevertheless before we arrive at that, here’s my woman viewpoint:

We positively believe it is ok to send a 2nd message if you may be genuinely enthusiastic about the individual and have now one thing worthwhile to express. (Worthwhile could be the key phrase here.) There are lots of reasons why i really do maybe maybe maybe not respond to messages that are first

(1) I’m like, actually busy and crucial and quite often we check communications on the application back at my phone and later forget to respond. We don’t like responding through the software because We can’t form for shit on my iPhone and now have made some actually hideous typos in yesteryear. Like, typos you are able to unsee never.

(2) i will be regarding the fence about someone and figure if they’re willing to supply your time and effort in “chasing” me via OKC communications while having the right items to say, well that is cool. Nevertheless, I’m not gonna play ball instantly because, you realize, busy and essential or perhaps not interested adequate to invest enough time in making a response that is solid. (we don’t do half ass communications – we think it is rude and does not get anyone anywhere.)

(3) We have other, ah, experiments in play even though i would be thinking about you and that which you need to state, we don’t have the mental ability or the real time for you to start this process up by having a new individual. (possibly this really is simply me personally – but we battle to juggle any more that 4-5 guys at the same time with regards to texting, getting to understand one another, possibly establishing up times etc. It then becomes a fitness in scheduling and stamina and takes all of the enjoyable from it, IMO.)

(4) i will be not really interested and my non-response is indeed a courteous “no.”

This is why, there are numerous explanations why a woman may well not react to very first message and just one of these is real non-interest. I assume it ought to be noted that others sorts of hinge on not enough intense interest too. That said, i’ve into the past taken care of immediately a second message and in reality, simply this last weekend, went with a person who had first written me personally very nearly 2 months ago. Schedules never lined up blah blah blah – but we’d a time that is great I’m glad I offered it an attempt.

The things I think it all boils right down to is this: when there is an actual connection between a couple and she’s really thinking about her, no amount of messages or online dating snafus are going to scare her away in you and you are very interested. If your chick comes home for you anyway at you with some anger for being too persistent after sending the second message, she’s probably not a good fit. I am talking about, who would like to be with an individual who does want to be n’t using them?

You understand, I received a second message from a woman as I was thinking about writing this contribution, a funny thing happened. Seeing up if I wanted to hang out sometime that I hadn’t responded to an earlier, rather long message, she sent a follow up noting that I hadn’t responded, that I seemed like a cool fella, and that I should hit her.

Formerly, I’ve always been split on giving the 2nd message if a very very first one garners no reaction. From the one hand, just exactly what are you experiencing to reduce? And actually, if they are courteous, sane messages you’re giving, so what does your reader need to lose? One minute of their own time? Pshaw.

Having said that, I’m a company believer in tact and poise, and think that if somebody desired to back write you, they’d do this, and you ought to appreciate yourself, your time and effort, your swagger, etc. adequate getting somebody who earnestly would like to choose up what you’re throwing down.

This girl messaging me personally the 2nd time sort of tipped it because she does seem cool, and the only reason I hadn’t responded was that I’ve been busy and just hadn’t gotten around to sending a proper long reply for me though. My apathy ended up being at fault right right right here… not fundamentally non-interest.

I believe her approach listed here is key: condense the message, lay it on the market,and perhaps also alter strategies. In the event that you messaged about going out and got no reaction, pull right right back, put up a few more texting.

Conversely, in the event that you delivered them a laundry range of concerns, condense it, and get right for the establishing an occasion to talk in individual. There’s absolutely no sense delivering a message that is second the initial. And even though I’ve been bad of it from time for you to time, there’s no good reason to deliver a nag for an answer. With strategery if you’re going to take a second turn in the game, make it.

Allow it to be with technology.

BAM! Hope that has been helpful :) Keep us posted!

Adding author Matthew is writer of the novel Language of wild wild Birds, and creator of dating humor we blog Upside Down Women of Tinder.


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