AD – Don’t starve the future

AD – Don’t starve the future

The product is affected "HoGoMas Mini Fruit Pudding w. Nata De CoCo", a kind of jelly confectionery in a mini cup, with an expiration date of November 28th.

The reason: There is a risk of suffocation when consumed because of the additive carrageenan (E407). The Federal Office for Consumer Protection already warned in June against the consumption of similar jelly sweets in small cups. The thickening agent carrageenan (E 407) is suspected of causing allergies.

HoGoMas Mini Fruit Pudding w. Nata De CoCo (Source: AsRopa Food GmbH)

All product information at a glance

Item: HoGoMas Mini Fruit PuddingSorts: w. Nata de CocoContents: 365 gramsMHD: 28.11.2020Article number: 52493

In addition to Schleswig-Holstein, the states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony are affected.

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Customers can return the product and receive a refund for the retail price.

Sources used: News agency "AsRopa Food recalls jelly sweets ‘HoGoMas Mini Frucht Pudding’"

Sometimes happiness just means enjoying delicious homely treats like apple pie and pudding. When two ingredients as good as apple and vanilla pudding come together, the stress of everyday life almost automatically takes a back seat. You can find the recipe here.

Baking tips
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Apple with sweet vanilla cream: the recipe

Invite your loved ones, because apple pie with pudding is best enjoyed in company. With this sweet delicacy, the coffee gossip turns into a pleasure group. According to the recipe, you need the following ingredients to start baking right away:

1 kg apples (e.g. Elstar) 150 g flour 120 g room temperature butter 80 g sugar 2 packs of baking custard cream (without cooking, vanilla flavor) 1 egg yolk (size M) 1/2 l milk 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp icing sugar salt

(Source: "eat&Drink")

Dough as a buttery base

Start the recipe by adding the egg yolks to a bowl with 50 grams of the sugar, 100 grams of the butter, a pinch of salt, and flour. Now mix the ingredients together using a blender. The finished dough can be placed in a previously greased springform pan about 24 centimeters in diameter. Press it tightly at the bottom and edges and then bake it for ten minutes in the preheated oven at 200 degrees.

Prepare a delicious topping

While the dough is baking, you can wash and quarter the apples. Now the quarters can be easily peeled and cut oblong on the rounded side so that they have a good hold on the dough. Lemon juice, which you drizzle over the apple pieces, provides the necessary acidity.

Now prepare the vanilla cream according to the package insert. This comes directly on the dough base and is covered with the apples.

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Apple pie with pudding: baking in the oven

Before the apple pie with pudding goes into the oven, it is sprinkled with the remaining sugar. In addition, place a few small pieces of the leftover butter on the dough. According to the recipe, the cake should bake for 40 minutes. Dusted with powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream, the cake can now stir up the coffee table.

For a good cause, the Queen has brought her three heirs to the throne in front of the camera. Together with her son Charles, grandson William and great grandson George, the monarch prepares Christmas pudding.

You were at the Queen’s Christmas dinner
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The war veterans organization The Royal British Legion has an action for this year’s Christmas party entitled "Together at Christmas" (German: Together at Christmas). This is exactly why the Queen and her three offspring met in front of the Christmas tree in the music room of Buckingham Palace to make Christmas pudding.

George knows how to do it

Christmas pudding is a traditional British dish made for Christmas that contains, for example, dried fruit and nuts. All four royals have a bowl in front of them to prepare it. The family is clearly having fun.

AD – Don’t let the future starve! Hunger threatens the lives of millions of children. UNICEF – donate now!

Don’t let the future starve! Hunger threatens the lives of millions of children. UNICEF – donate now!

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Royal Christmas Bakery: Prince George makes Christmas pudding with great-grandpa, grandpa and dad. (Source: Chris Jackson / Press Association Images / dpa)

The six-year-old Prince George shows the most vigor. He stirs the ingredients together, looks what his grandfather Prince Charles wants to show him. He laughs heartily in another photo, as does Prince William. Queen Elizabeth II is a bit in the background – but how proud she is of her great-grandchild and the two older heirs to the throne cannot be overlooked.

Queen is the patron

The initiative is intended to give armed forces and war veterans special support at Christmas time, for example through meetings or festive moments. With its four-generation image, the Royal Family also reflects the average of those who are supported by the organization - "from operator children to World War II veterans", it says on the Kensington Palace Instagram page. The Queen is the patron of the Royal British Legion.

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by The Royal House Of Windsor (@royalsofgreatbritain) on Dec 21, 2019 at 5:30 am PST

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Incidentally, it is not the first time that the Queen and the three future kings have come together for a generational photo. One of these was created when Prince George was baptized in 2013, and another in 2016 for the Queen’s 90th birthday. 

Sources used: Instagram: Profile of the Kensington Palace, Instagram: Profile of the Royal Family, news agency dpa, Instagram: Fan profile "royalsofgreatbritain"show more sources less sources

Vanilla lovers now have to be very strong: The world market price is rising – and could soon make the spice the most expensive on the globe. This could result in unpleasant price increases for consumers in Europe. Are pudding, ice cream and yogurt with vanilla getting more expensive now?

Georges Geeraerts has bad news for vanilla fans. Although the harvest in Madagascar, the largest vanilla-growing area in the world, is still in full swing, according to the boss of the vanilla exporters there, it is already becoming apparent: "The prices will be even higher than last year." The vanilla price has only known one direction since 2014: steeply upwards.

After saffron, vanilla is the most expensive spice in the world

It is already one of the most expensive spices in the world – only saffron has so far achieved higher prices. Madagascar, which covers four fifths of world demand, determines the price development with its production. A storm had destroyed large parts of the acreage there in spring. As a result, European consumers could face cost increases if retailers pass on their additional costs to the end customer.

Info: Vanilla is used for ice cream, pudding, cakes, biscuits, yoghurt or candy, but also for soaps, fragrances, shampoos, body lotions, bath products or room fragrances.

Vanilla pods as expensive as silver in spring

Especially so-called bourbon vanilla, which may only come from the growing areas of Madagascar, La Réunion or the Comoros, is becoming rare and therefore precious. In the spring of 2017, the price for a kilogram of black-tanned vanilla pods was between 550 and 600 US dollars. That even exceeded the price of silver, which is currently under $ 550. Five years ago, traders were paying just $ 20 a kilo.

Vanilla kilo price up to $ 600 is possible

Rado Andrianantenaina, producer and exporter from Antalaha in northeast Madagascar assumes that prices will not fall in view of the dwindling quantities of good goods: "It should be more or less the same price as last year, between 400 and 600 US dollars per kilo." And: "But that won’t stop customers from buying vanilla."

Fragrance and flavor manufacturers see no bottleneck

Even the Lower Saxony fragrance and flavor manufacturer Symrise, which is involved in the vanilla business in Madagascar, is hardly assuming falling prices. The company from Holzminden is one of around two dozen companies that process vanilla from the island. He does not see any bottlenecks in the current harvest: "Quantities of sufficient quality are available for our demand"says Symrise board member Heinrich Schaper.

Info: The vanilla is obtained from the fermented capsule fruits of different species of the orchid genus Vanilla. After the climbing orchids have been planted, it ideally takes around four years before the first vanilla pods can be harvested.

Consumers want real vanilla in their products

Schaper also speaks of a high demand: "In the USA and Asia in particular, but also in Europe, the trend towards authenticity and naturalness is unbroken." Consumers increasingly want real vanilla in their products again. That got the market excited. The result: demand is increasing. So is the price.

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Vanilla cultivation is becoming lucrative for other countries

This means that new providers are emerging – for example in India or in Uganda in Africa. Geeraerts from the Association of Vanilla Exporters also sees it this way: "Other countries are likely to start cultivating vanilla at such prices, so that oversupply will cause prices to fall." But it will take a while until then.

Parents often have a hard time cooking for their children if pasta, fries and the like are not on the menu. Fruit, vegetables or fish are often not even tried. As a rule, good persuasion does not help. You should therefore actively involve your child in the preparation and subsequent preparation of the meal in order to increase awareness of healthy eating and encourage fun.

Salty foods
Photo series with 10 pictures

A varied menu and meals together

You should plan five meals a day, including three large and two small, when cooking for your children. "In addition to vegetables, fruit, dairy products and whole grain cereals, the little ones need a lot of fluids", advises the Research Institute for Child Nutrition Dortmund. In addition, variety and a relaxed atmosphere at the dining table are beneficial for enjoying food.

On the other hand, what you should better not offer your children are ready meals and the feeling that you are using the food as a means of education. Sentences like "If you don’t eat that, there will be no dessert" or "You have to eat that, it’s healthy" act rather deterrent. Special children’s products are also not absolutely necessary. These are the subject of a targeted marketing strategy and – despite the same ingredients – often more expensive than conventional foods.

Get to know and appreciate the food

Proper awareness is not only an important part of a healthy diet for adults, and the independent preparation of meals plays an important role in this. Instead of cooking for children, it should read: Cooking with children. This cooperation starts with the preparation. Which products do i need? What’s their name and where do they come from? These are questions that you and your child can answer.

The subsequent cutting, stirring and serving is not only fun, but also makes your child proud. Working parents in particular often lack the time to take care of food with their children. However, it is enough if you celebrate cooking extensively once a week together. Also "Parents online" advises: “When parents and children cook together, it is enriching for everyone. Parents rediscover the attraction of experimentation, while children learn how to use a vegetable slicer, whisk and wooden spoon in this ritual. “

Cooking for children: continuity and variety

Children need a stable environment, and this also applies to eating. Too much hectic at mealtimes also upsets them. In addition, the little ones are less willing to experiment than the big ones. With a weekly meal plan with recurring daily specials, you have the opportunity to combine continuity and variety.

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For example, call Monday to "Pasta day" but then think about a different pasta dish for each week and introduce your children to new foods carefully.