8 Tips to Enhance Poor Laptop Productivity After Virus Removal

This problem can be fixed by changing the old CMOS battery with new one and it is also possible to fix this problem by re-installing BIOS. This article show you, what are the underlying causes of start-up time and date error and how you can fix them.

How To Reset Pc Bios/cmos

If I leave the aforementioned lptop off mains power and the battery runs down, I get the error message that there was a CMOS checksum error. If I press F1, then the laptop boots up but time/date is reset. A checksum error means that the CMOS RAM contents are invalid. This happens when the CMOS backup battery fails (and CMOS contents are lost), or after a BIOS upgrade (double-check that you upgraded the correct BIOS version). BIOS will often let you accept default settings and continue booting normally.

The power is usually provided by the PC’s power supply, but a small battery is also present to help preserve the settings when the PC is unplugged. If the PC is not in use for longer periods, the power in the battery will eventually run out, thus altering the values stored in the CMOS chip. This wasn’t a real problem in the past, as CMOS chips were very difficult to program, but as technology advances, updating a BIOS became a very simple operation.

  • Carefully take it out and replace it with a new one.
  • Open the case and you will see the battery on the motherboard.
  • The good news is that replacing the CMOS battery is quite simple.
  • If you’re getting errors when you boot your PC, the problem may be nothing more than a dead CMOS battery.
  • Make sure all power is off on your machine and unplug all cables on your CPU case (make sure you remember where all of them go for when you plug them back in).
  • Now, it is just a matter of putting the cover and cables back.

Way 2: Reset The Basic Input/output System (Bios)

After putting my original RAM back in my PC gives a CMOS Checksum Error again but simply saving changes made it continue to start windows. When a CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Checksum error occurs during startup, it mean that the system has been restored to default factory settings. Which results in changing the time and date, the CMOS contains data related to BIOS and may have been reinitialized. This problem may occur due to the depletion of the CMOS battery or malware attacks.

Cmos Checksum Error After Wakeup (Solved)

If the problem continues, just replace the CMOS backup battery and reload the defaults. The nonvolatile BIOS memory or the CMOS RAM is responsible for storing your time, date, hard disk and other configuration settings of your PC. Even .dll if the generated BIOS checksum is correct, a BIOS checksum error can still appear if the checksum it is verified against is invalid. This value is stored in a CMOS memory chip which requires continuous power to function.


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