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myNoise is an iOS alternative to Noise Generator, although it’s available on Android as well. Depending on what you want, you can get access to a variety of sounds to help you sleep, focus, or even meditate. Brown noise has less “static” than white noise, and sounds more like a waterfall, with most of the sound in the bass frequencies.

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When you start running, your phone will shake, and the volume will automatically go up. This is great if you use your phone to listen to music in your car. As you accelerate and the wind and noise get louder, your volume will increase. Second, for overall listening purposes, it means that Neutralizer can adjust your EQ to a setting that’s best for you.

When you’re listening, it offers automatic noise compensation. As background noise goes up, it will mask specific frequencies, as well as automatically adjust the volume to compensate. This ensures that your perceived volume will be the same, regardless of the background noise.

The app can improve your hearing ability to hear sounds more clearly and loudly. Admittedly, this could be used for nefarious purposes, but there are also legitimate uses. For example, you could use Safe Headphones while riding in the back seat of a car, to participate in a conversation with the people in the front seats. Now you can sit at the back seats in the lecture hall and perfectly hear the question if the professor asks you. First off, as its name implies, it can helps you stay safe when you use headphones in public places.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all “bass boost” or “country music” setting, you get an EQ that compensates for your individual hearing. This eliminates the distortion you may experience from using more generic EQs. Neutralizer is an Android-only app that’s designed to work for your own individual hearing. Everyone’s hearing is different, so a noise cancelling app that works well for one individual may not work well for another. When you first launch the app, you take a short hearing test, which measures your ability to hear different frequencies at different volumes.

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It also has several built-in algorithms that you can choose from. If you want to have access to additional sounds, you’ll have to pay a small fee. You can pay for each sound individually, or pay a bit more to get the entire myNoise catalog at a significant per-sound discount. Some of the available sounds include rain noise, spring walk, temple bells, and binaural beats.

When it’s enabled you can hear your surrounding background noises without taking off headphones. So if you have to walk through a sketchy area, you can turn the app on to ensure that you’re able to hear anyone around you. It’s also useful for hearing car horns when you cross the street while listening to music. There’s an optional “shake” function, which can be used to adjust volume based on phone movement.

Pink noise is similar to brown noise, but with a little more activity in the high frequencies. Think of it as a waterfall with soft, youtube downloader download high-pitched water droplets plinking away. Blue and violet noise are more concentrated in the high frequencies, with a more energetic, active sound. In addition to white noise, Noise Generator can also produce brown, pink, violet, or blue noise. You can even use Safe Headphones as an alternative to a hearing aid.

Spring walk has sounds of rushing wind and twittering birds, which can help cheer you up on a rainy day. Temple bells is useful for meditation, as is the binaural beats sound. And this just scratches the surface of what myNoise has to offer.


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