10 Books About Addiction And Recovery You Should Read

Beautiful Boy by David Sheff is a heart-wrenching memoir about his son’s addiction to meth and the impact it had on the entire family. This author does not merely talk of the struggles, but of the hope that can be found in recovery. One of the top recovery books according to Amazon sales is Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. This book, first published in 1986, covers addiction from the codependent’s perspective, which also carries over to other areas of life. Filled with case studies and real-life examples, many find this book to be very relatable to their situation and it offers advice for taking control of one’s own life. Elizabeth Vargas bravely chronicles her journey from addiction to recovery. In this book, she chronicles her life from an anxiety cursed childhood, a difficult coming of age and the guilt, struggles and denial of a working mom suffering from alcoholism.

The book draws on the authors’ 40 collective years of research and clinical experience to promote progressive treatment approaches that make lasting change possible regardless of past struggles. It takes guts to admit that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol . These twenty-six authors have shown incredible bravery and resilience in sharing their most painful experiences and deepest vulnerabilities in public as they recount their roads to recovery. Janelle Hanchett chronicles the story of embracing motherhood through the devastating separation from her children at the height of addiction. Her quest for sobriety includes rehabs and therapy — necessary steps to begin a journey into realizing and accepting an imperfect self within an imperfect life. For any mother or person who has felt like an outsider in your own life, you might just relate.

addiction recovery books

It is often the case that we start off reading a work of fiction for enjoyment, and gain unexpected wisdom and perspective by the end of it. Books can be an entertaining way to escape to a world of make-believe, but they can also help you Alcohol detoxification uncover truths, spark inspiration, and serve as a catalyst for change. As individuals in recovery, we are always looking for opportunities to become better versions of ourselves, and books often serve as stepping stones in the process.

More than a journey through addiction and recovery from it, this is a tale about how trauma shapes us, and how we can only free ourselves from its hold by facing it. It’s a testament to how one moment, completely out of our control, can drastically change our lives.

The Sober Diaries: How One Woman Stopped Drinking And Started Living By Clare Pooley

provides a guide for friends and family of recovering substance abusers who wish to learn more about how they can best support their loved one’s sobriety. Transitional living In this book, McKowen talks about her personal story along with how she faced the facts, the question of AA, and dealing with other people’s drinking.

addiction recovery books

As a child, Helaina Hovitz was a very close witness to the attack to the World Trade Center on 9/11. These events leave her with a serious case of PTSD that in turn throw her into despair and later lands her into addiction. best treatment for alcoholism She had already beat alcohol in the past and there was nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of her child with some champagne, right? That celebration threw her once again into the depths of alcoholism.

Nearly 80% of people in federal prison for drug crimes are black and brown people. This is why Amatus supports Drug Abuse Response Team (D.A.R.T.), a program that connects people willing to enter addiction treatment to resources and help to minimize jail time. Memoirs about addiction, recovery and mental health show Transitional living us the breadth of stories—how everyone’s experience with each condition is unique. And still, if you are in recovery or have struggled with mental health, there is often a lot to relate to. It’s a reminder that many of the experiences of addiction, sobriety and mental health are both individual and universal.

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Focusing on codependency and enabling, this book may open your eyes to your own unhealthy codependent relationships as well as how your actions have negatively impacted you loved one’s addiction. Not only will this book help you recognize these issues, but also it offers a guide to help you help yourself heal. In this book, Rod Colvin sheds light on a serious and prevalent issue in the United States—prescription drug abuse.

addiction recovery books

In Blackout, Sarah clearly explains why there’s nothing benign about it and describes what is actually happening to the brain when we reach that point of alcohol-induced amnesia. I love her perspective on drinking as an act of counter-feminism—that in reality it actually dismantles our power, our pride, and our dignity as women, though we intended the opposite. I heard Dr. Maté speak at a convention many years ago, and was immediately smitten. He advocates for compassion towards addicts, as sick people trying to get well the best way they know how. The simplicity of this idea makes so much sense, and is often forgotten in everything from AA to drug law. You don’t need to agree with all of Gabor Maté’s theories to see that he has brought a level of hope and humanity to the conversation surrounding addiction. If you’re struggling with alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder, don’t let the ongoing pandemic stop you from taking action.

Weekly inspiration, new podcasts and music, reading and watching recommendations, and encouragement for your week. Plus up-to-date info on upcoming courses, events, podcast interviews that Laura is hosting or attending. As adrug detox center in Illinois, we know that addiction affects more than just the person using. Immediate New York Times bestseller and released to high praise, Journalist Beth Macy focuses on central Appalachia as the heart of crisis and widens the scope from there to show how individuals and communities are affected. Through talking to opioid users, family members, dealers, doctors, judges, activists, emergency responders, and law enforcement, we get a much larger picture of the causes and effects. Looking for a recovery facility and want to learn more about what Landmark has to offer? We can’t recommend this book strongly enough, especially if you have tried and failed to stop using drink or drugs in the past.

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we think as we’re getting sober, in spite of the fact that by the time we quit drinking, we’re not typically leading very glamorous lives. The reminder that sober life need not be ascetic or dull is welcome to seasoned veterans of recovery and newcomers alike, but I think the blueprint here for an abundant life of pleasure could be useful for anyone. Although these books may seem obvious, they’re iconic for a reason. The Big Book and the Basic Text, titled by the names of their given fellowships, are must-reads for anyone who identifies as an alcoholic and/or addict. They’re also highly recommended for anyone close to or who works with someone who struggles with substance abuse. The insights found within The Big Bookand the Basic Text are unlike any you’ll find in other books. If you attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting, you’re sure to hear excerpts that proved life-changing for someone in the grip of addiction.

addiction recovery books

His story offers hope that there is light on the other side of addiction. Of books about heroin use, none is rawer than this bravely told memoir about the life of Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. Published in 2004, Scar Tissue holds immense value for as a cautionary tale for anyone prone to glamourizing drug use, especially heroin use. The book does a terrific job at taking the reader through the depths of sadness and despair that accompany heroin addiction. is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. As the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment for adults and youth, the Foundation has 17 locations nationwide and collaborates with an expansive network throughout health care.

Drinking: A Love Story By Caroline Knapp

Beneath her perfect life and incredible success hides a girl who thought she had cheated her way out of her anxiety and stress via alcohol, but now has completely surrendered to the http://www.j-k-p.de/?p=64493 powers of this magical liquid. You could never tell, but she is the perfect example of a high-functioning alcoholic who looks like everything is perfect, even when it clearly isn’t.

  • Miller was long known as Emily Doe, the anonymous victim of a sexual assault at Stanford University and the voice behind a viral victim impact statement that changed the terms of debate around consent, violence and rape.
  • Aids family members in coping with the aftermath of a relative’s suicide attempt.
  • Brian “Head” Welch’s book Save Me from Myself is an honest recounting of this out-of-control musician’s struggle through addiction and recovery.
  • As you work through the recovery process, you may find these addiction recovery books valuable.
  • Sometimes the best way to recover from drug and alcohol addiction is understanding the reasons behind why we are prone to abusing these substances.
  • In this extraordinarily candid and revealing memoir, Knapp offers important insights not only about alcoholism, but about life itself and how we learn to cope with it.

Author Caroline Knapp shares her personal memoir and brings to light the fact that more than 15 million Americans a year are plagued with alcoholism and 5 million of them are women. Caroline describes how she drank through her years at an Ivy-League college, her award-winning career, while masking herself as a dutiful daughter and professional. Readers looking for sobriety books geared towards women will appreciate Caroline’s honest account. Brian “Head” Welch’s book Save Me from Myself is an honest recounting of this out-of-control musician’s struggle through addiction and recovery. Welch credits his faith in God for saving him from his destructive lifestyle. Also by David Sheff, Clean promotes the idea that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing. This book is a guide for those struggling with addiction but also works to create awareness for the overall goal of combating addiction in America and incorporating treatment that is effective.

Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions

The book also details various methods of treatment for opioid addiction and how to select the right method for yourself or a loved one. Keep reading for our round-up of the best addiction recovery books. The story follows the course of four interconnected as they become destroyed by addiction. There is the woman who becomes addicted to prescription diet pills, her addict son, his addict friend/dealer, and his addict-turned-prostitute girlfriend. It can be painful to read at times as the characters’ respective hopes and dreams are slowly killed by the force their addictions, but it is the type of pain that makes you remember how to truly feel and sympathize.


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